Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kickboxing for Jesus

Today I had to laugh during my exercise class.  The class is entitled "Body & Soul Fitness" and it uses Christian music for the workouts.  It has been great and just what I needed to try and get back in shape.  Today I had to laugh at the irony of punching and kicking to a song about Jesus.

But it works!

The instructor encouraged us to kick out our frustrations.  I'm sure everyone can relate to having many frustrations right now.  Exercise a good way to get them out.  If you don't like to exercise, do something that makes you laugh or makes you happy.   Watch a comedian online, take a walk, go to a movie.  

It also reminded me that we need to take Jesus with us wherever we are and whatever we are doing.  It could be kickboxing, it could be traffic, it could be a tough meeting at work.  Wherever we are, let's thank him for being with us in the good and the bad in the exciting moments and the tough things in life.

When life gets frustrating, kick it out!

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