Monday, January 6, 2020

Be Thou My Vision

Photo by Will Malott

My light.

My wisdom.

My treasure.

My victory won.

The words of the hymn "Be Thou My Vision" rang true to my heart this past Sunday.  When I think about this new year, this blank canvas, this blank page...what will it hold?  I think back to my first hearing of this song in college.  I was substitute teaching in a Christian preschool.  During nap time, we would listen to a children's CD of hymns as we rubbed their little backs and soothed them to sleep.  I cannot sing this song without thinking of this memory.

God has given me vision throughout my life.  Sometimes it has been by the bright light of the sun, other times the faint trickle of a flashlight before the battery dies.  Sometimes His vision came through the wisdom of friends or grandparents, through words on a page or through songs.

He has been my treasure.  Oh my great treasure.  I have never been a wealthy person by the world's standards, but I have found true treasure in serving God and His people.

My victory has already been won.  Some days do feel like a fight.  A fight with my children, a fight with exhaustion, a fight with my own mind to stay positive.   Or a greater spiritual battle.  Through it all, I can take confidence in the fact that my victory has already been won by Jesus.  Whatever this year may bring, I will have victory through the One who won it for me through His humble serving, dying and rising again on the Cross.

This year, unlike many others, seems a bit more unknown and at the same time a bit more known.  Some big life things have been been revealed this past year, and others remain a walk of faith.

I give this year, 2020, to the Lord, in whom my Light is found.

"Heart of my own heart, whate'er befall.  Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all."  

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