Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Little Change Will Do You Good

This morning I started back to my exercise class.  After about an 18 month "exercise hiatus" due to birthing a child, I started started back this Fall.  I loved the class, but after four months of the same songs, I was ready for a little break.  Christmas came with all of its baked goods and relaxation.  Well, I can't really say relaxation per say, as a Mom of two kids.  But, I would say it was more like another "exercise hiatus."

So I started back today.  The songs are new and my coordination is a bit off.  Ahem.  Maybe more than a little bit.  But, I enjoyed the newness of it.  New songs, new dance moves, new killer ab exercises.  (By killer, I don't mean the term a 17 year old surfer would use to describe a wave...)

It got me thinking about change.  I am generally a creature of habit.  I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast (cereal, banana, OJ) and many times the same thing for lunch (turkey sandwich).  I enjoy the feel of a good daily routine, although having kids has thrown this all out of wack and I feel like I never have a routine anymore.  So be it!

Though I am a creature of habit, I do get bored at times when things feel mundane and too ordinary.  (Take January for instance!)  My class today reminded me that it's good to change things up once in a while. Try taking a new route to work or bring something different for lunch.  Listen to a new album or look for some new recipes.  Let's change it up, 2017!

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