Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fabulous New Year's Eve

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to have a fabulous New Year's Eve.  I dream of putting on a sparkly dress and heels, clutching a clutch,  (Is that even a thing?) and heading to a fancy location with my husband.  My latest fascination would be the Kennedy Center.  I'd be wearing my sparkly gown while watching the orchestra perform, followed by a countdown to New Year's on the terrace.

Every year I dream of my fabulous New Year's Eve, but each year I am badly disappointed.  One year I came close with a nice dinner out with the hubby at the Olive Garden.  Sad, I know.

But maybe not.

Some of my most fun New Year's Eve memories are from my youth group days.  We'd have a sleepover at one of my friend's houses, interjected with random trips around town or to Friendly's for ice cream.  One year, our church offered hourly prayers leading up to midnight, so we'd stop there every so often.  I think what stands out to me in these memories is the community I experienced with my youth group friends.  I'm sure that's what led me to 15 years of youth ministry as a career.

This year, I look back at the fun years and the disappointing years and want to chalk this one up to a disappointing one.  But I stop myself.  This year is different to be sure.  I have a loving husband and two children to keep me occupied and tired enough that staying up until midnight sounds like a daunting task.  Is this disappointing?  Definitely not.  It doesn't fulfill my princess at the Kennedy Center dream, but it ends with the princess having a yummy dinner cooked by her husband and sitting with my two crazy kids.  I may have baby food banana on my pants and bags under my eyes, but I'm still a princess to them.  And I'm not disappointed at all.

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