Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Silver Linings Playbook: Quarantine Edition

Photo by Simone Viani on Unsplash
We've reached day 37 of quarantine, and I have to say that when we reach 40 days, I think there should be a badge to prove that we've made it this far.

Last week was one of the hardest weeks of my life, but still I remain hopeful.  Because hope is what carries us through.

The following "Silver Linings" that have come out of quarantine for me.
(I'd love to hear some of yours in the comments.)

Coffee.  (I'm so glad my church introduced me to coffee before all this started, because it's carrying me just like Jesus is right now.)

Wifi.  (That is all.)

Online church. (

Food.  (Seriously, I've taken up cooking, which, if you ask my college roommate, she'll laugh and tell you about the pact we had that if I burnt down my first apartment while cooking, I was allowed to move in with her and her newly-wed husband...)

My husband.  (#bestfriend #myrock #mademepizza #brewedgoodcoffee)

Cookie Monster.  (Cookie Monster has always been up there on my list, but seriously, these Snack Chats though.)

Musicals. (The free live-stream of Phantom of the Opera, my favorite musical of all time, on The Shows Must Go On! literally lifted my spirits.)

Comedy.  ( SGN, The Daily Social Distancing Show, and random comedians watched on the couch with my husband while laughing the day's stress away.  Really, the only way to watch the news right now.)

Art. (Googling paintings and virtual tours.)

Free webinars and Facebook Lives.  (From just about everyone.)

Walking.  (Seriously, walking.  I live for daily doses of the outside world.)

Snail Mail.  (Sending and receiving actual letters again.)

Zoom Chats. (Video chats with everyone from grandparents to cousins to friends to work colleagues.  I miss people.  I'm an introvert, but come ON.)

Disney.  (Seriously, can Minnie Mouse please tell me good night all the time?

Sunshine.  (Daily dose of Vitamin D.  #necessary)

Flowering trees.  (These gorgeous creations are seriously keeping me sane right now.  Thank you, Redbuds and Cherry Blossoms.)


Board Games.

Online community.  (I've re-connected with every college, group, friend, and association that I've ever been a part of.  And watching their free webinars!)

Hallmark movies.  (You may have joked with me in the past about their plot lines, but right now, you are grabbing your tissues and sitting right down with me, because happy endings are all we can handle right now.)

Family time.  (There is A LOT of this, but I'm getting filled up to the brim with "quality time" as my love language.  Minus the constant sibling fights...)

Toilet paper.  (I have some left.)

Scripture.  (God's promises of peace, strength and hope are giving me a rock to stand on right now.)

The goodness of God.  (Amen.)

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