Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Gift for Jesus
My son's recent preschool picture made me crack up laughing. Of course he would draw a car,  his current obsession.  Second only to trains, of course.  (I also think it looks a little bit like a sheep, which could be symbolic...just sayin'...)  It also made me think.  Don't we all bring our fascinations and interests, personalities and quirks as we bow before the Lord?  We bring him all of us.  Our favorite things and our challenges.  

What gifts would you bring to the Lord?  If I went along the lines of my son's thinking, I'd bring movies, books, pizza and ice cream.  Going a bit deeper with it, I'd have to think about gifts and talents that God has blessed me with.  It is those gifts he gave to me that I in turn give back to him as I serve and adore him. 

What gifts do you bring to the baby Jesus?

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