Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pancakes?  Why pancakes?

As a mom, I help my kids make tons of pancakes.  My son is a connoisseur of sorts. His current obsession is chocolate chip pancakes.  He could eat them every day if I let him.  However, he once told my friend that she was putting in too many chocolate chips.  We laughed because, really, can you have too many chocolate chips?

The thing about pancakes is that they are messy.  Whew.  I have spent many a Saturday morning cleaning up flour and pancake spatter from my kitchen counters, walls, stove and floor.  Not to mention my clothing.  Pancake batter never really goes away.  It will show up when you least expect it.  Such as at church when you stand up to sing and you look down and see a huge spot of it on your shirt...

Pancakes are messy, but they are worth the mess.  After all the measuring, pouring, watching, waiting and spatulaing, you end up with something really good.  Something sweet.  And who doesn't like to start the morning with something sweet?

Life can be a lot like pancakes.  Most of it is hard.  We have daily challenges that we must navigate through.  Some expected, some out of the blue.  Some weeks it feels like all we have are challenges.  Like we always have the spot of batter on our shirt and we just can't seem to get it out.  Other days, we are enjoying the sweetness of the final product.  Hanging out at the table with family or friends, talking, laughing and enjoying life.

Pancakes are messy, and so is life.  I say, let's walk together through it and meet joy wherever we find it.  In the mess, in the grace, in the mystery that is life with God.  Will you join me for some pancakes?

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